Comp536 Secure and Cloud Computing Review

Aug 28 Lecture 1 Introduction

what is cloud?

  • xAAS, utility computing, etc

what kind of services does cloud provide?

  • AWS[1][2], EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud), EBS (Elastic Container Service), S3(Simple Storage Service), simpleDB, key-value stores, etc


  • cloud platforms (in data center)


  • scale, reliability, performance, concurrency, consistency, security, availability, etc.
  • speed of light, unreliable machines, etc.

what could we do?

  • concurrency control, weak consistency, locking, replication, etc.
  • programming: MapReduce programming model, Hadoop, etc.
  • data processing: Cloud file system, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System), replication

What should I care?

  • what’s underneath the cloud?
    • how does it works? strength? weakness?
  • how to build something that is so scalable and robust?
  • changes of the underlying network infrastructure?
  • challenges in security and privacy?

Models and algorithms are valuable

What is cloud?
Computing at scale
Utility computing and cloud computing